Sari Cantor - Partner

Sari Cantor
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Phone: 613-627-0777 ext:300 

Sari Cantor is a Partner with Recruiting in Motion – Ottawa. Prior to starting her recruitment career, Sari worked abroad as a Canadian liaison to students traveling through the Middle East. Upon realization that she was not destined to live overseas, Sari returned home to Ottawa to begin her 15 year career learning and honing her talent acquisition and relationship management skills.

Over the course of the next decade and a half, Sari built her career working for a large multi-national recruitment firm. She dedicated her time to working with her clients in assessing their staffing needs and understanding her candidate’s motivations for job transition. She worked with and lead teams that specialized in recruiting Finance, Accounting, Human Resources, Information Technology and Administration over her tenure and became well networked within those professions.

Clients and candidates in Ottawa have come to appreciate Sari as a subject matter expert in her area of specialization. While her expertise rests in the recruitment and talent acquisition, she has been able to assist many local companies (private and public) through their hiring and retention strategies. Being born and raised in Ottawa, Sari has a unique understanding of her local market from compensation grids to employment statistics to what “makes Ottawa special”. She has developed long term relationships by being much more than just a recruitment resource and has nurtured personal relationships that have spanned almost 2 decades.

Sari has been on TV, radio, and in print. Her “not so” hidden talent of public speaking has allowed her to share both her technical knowledge, and personal experiences with the local community.

Fun/Interesting Facts

Sari will tell you she has a fear of networking and an inability to “work a room”, which is very difficult to believe when she loves the sound of her own voice. She has found a way to master the boardroom, podium and classroom with her engaging demeanor, but attend a function or golf tournament and you would think you were with another person. She would admit her “professional development” lies in learning that life isn’t one big interview, conversation does flow two ways…and dead silence isn’t always a bad thing!

An avid hockey fan, Sari has no problem reminding her Toronto colleagues and family that Canada’s hockey team resides off Highway 416 and not 401. She has enjoyed buying her Toronto nephews all of the Ottawa Senators clothes only to get them unworn and unused as her own kids received them as hand me downs.